Wednesday, May 20, 2015

20 years of the 4th overall pick

Below displays the inexact science of the NBA Draft (Or any other Sports Draft)....You will quickly notice, there are alot more misses in the top 4, than there are franchise players!!!!

The first name was the 4th overall pick, which the Knicks will have this June....The three names in parentheses are the #'s 1, 2 and 3 overall picks....Then are the players the "experts missed" in the top four:

1995 Rasheed Wallace (1-Joe Smith, 2-Antonio McDeyss, 3-Jerry Stackhouse) Kevin Garnett 5th!

1996 Stephon Marbury (1-Allen Iverson, 2-Marcus Camby, 3-Shareef Abdur Raheem) Kobe Bryant 13th!

1997 Antonio Daniels (1-Tim Duncan, 2-Keith Van Horn, 3-Chauncey Billups) Tracy McGrady 9th!

1998 Antawn Jamison (1-Michael Olawakandi, 2-Mike Bibby, 3-Raef LaFrentz) Vince Carter 5th! Dirk Nowitskie 9th!

1999 Lamar Odom (1-Elton Brand, 2-Steve Francis, 3-Baron Davis)

2000 Marcus Fizer (1-Kenyon Martin, 2-Stromile Swift, 3-Darius Miles)

2001 Eddy Curry (1-Kwame Brown, 2-Tyson Chandler, 3-Pau Gasol) Joe Johnson 10th! Zach Randolph 19th!

2002 Drew Gooden (1-Yao Ming, 2-Jay Williams, 3-Mike Dunleavy) Amare Stoudemire 9th!

2003 Chris Bosh (1-Lebron, 2-Darko Milicic, 3-Carmelo) Dwayne Wade picked 5th!

2004 Shaun Livingston (1-Dwight Howard, 2-Emeka Okafor, 3-Ben Gorden) Luol Deng picked 7th!

2005 Chris Paul (1-Andrew Bogut, 2-Marvin Williams, 3-Deron Williams)

2006 Tyrus Thomas (1-Andrea Bagnani, 2-LaMarcus Aldridge, 3-Adam Morrison) Rajon Rondo picked 21st! Kyle Lowery picked 24th!

2007 Mike Conley Jr (1-Greg Oden, 2-Kevin Durant, 3-Al Horford) Joakim Noah picked 9th!

2008 Russell Westbrook (1-Derrick Rose, 2-Michael Beasley, 3-OJ Mayo) Kevin Love 5th! Brook Lopez 10th! Serge Ibaka 24th!

2009 Tyreke Evans (1-Blake Griffin, 2-Hasheem Thabeet, 3-James Harden) Steph Curry 7th! Jeff Teague 19th!

2010 Wesley Johnson (1-John Wall, 2-Evan Turner, 3-Derrick Favors) DeMarcus Cousins 5th! Paul George 10th!

2011 Tristan Thompson (1-Kyrie Irving, 2-Derrick Williams, 3-Enes Kanter) Klay Thompson 11th! Kawhi Leonard 15th!
Jimmy Butler 30th!

2012 Dion Waiters (1-Anthony Davis, 2-Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, 3-Bradley Beal) Damien Lilliard 6th!

2013 Cody Zeller (1-Anthony Bennett, 2-Victor Oladipo, 3-Otto Porter)

2014 Aaron Gordon (1-Andrew Wiggins, 2-Jabari Parker, 3-Joel Embid)